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Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program

About the Program

We want to ensure Nevada’s best scholars stay in Nevada. The Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship awards up to $10,000 in tuition to our state’s brightest students who decide to attend college here in Nevada. The Scholarship allows qualified students an opportunity to save a significant amount of money by simply going to school at an in-state college or university. If you’re a high-achieving student with a desire to attend college, this is an opportunity that is too good to pass up!

  • Provides up to $10,000 in tuition to qualified Nevada students at eligible in-state institutions.

  • Paid on a per credit hour basis, up to 15 credits each semester:

    • $40 (lower division courses)/$60 (upper division courses) per credit at NSHE community colleges
    • $60 per credit at Nevada State University
    • $80 per credit at all other eligible institutions

How it Works

Traditional students graduating from a public, private, or charter high school in the state of Nevada must meet the following requirements to qualify for the scholarship:

  • Graduate with an overall GPA of 3.25 (weighted or unweighted) or earn a qualifying test score on the SAT (1070 or higher) or ACT (21 or higher).

  • Complete while in high school, 4 years of English, 4 years of Math (including Algebra II or higher), 3 years of science, and 3 years of history.

  • Be a resident of Nevada for at least two years.

There is no application process for students graduating from a traditional high school in Nevada. If you are eligible, your high school or school district will submit your name to our office and we will send you a notification by mail in July or August following your high school graduation.

For students that are home schooled or attend a high school out-of-state while residing in Nevada, there is an application process. These applications can be found under forms and documents and must be submitted with all corresponding documentation to be processed.

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