Nevada Prepaid Tuition
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Nevada Prepaid Tuition


Families can lock in future college tuition at today’s rates in as little as 15 minutes and $42 a month.

Open Enrollment Ends April 15, 2024

The Nevada State Treasurer’s Office has launched open enrollment for this year’s Nevada Prepaid Tuition program. Since 1997, the Board of Trustees of the College Savings Plans of Nevada, and the State Treasurer’s Office have provided this program to help Nevada families plan and save for their children’s future education.

In addition, the Board of Trustees of the College Savings Plans of Nevada is hosting a Nevada Prepaid Tuition Scholarship Account Giveaway. The giveaway is open to persons who purchase a Nevada Prepaid Tuition contract during the open enrollment period (November 1st through April 15, 2024 at 11:59 p.m PST). This giveaway is also open to those with an existing Nevada Prepaid Tuition active contract. All eligible participants will be automatically entered to win.

Details of the Nevada Prepaid Tuition Scholarship Account Giveaway:

  • Begins on November 1, 2023 and closes on April 15, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Participants who purchase and have an existing active Nevada Prepaid Tuition Contract on April 15th will be automatically entered into the drawing
  • Employees of the State Treasurer’s Office providing direct support to the Nevada Prepaid Tuition Scholarship Account Contest Giveaway, Board of Trustees of the College Savings Board of Nevada, and their immediate family members and members of their households, are not eligible to participate
  • There will be two winners total of this giveaway. One winner will be selected in a random drawing from all eligible Participants who open a Prepaid Tuition Contract during the 2024 enrollment period. The other winner will be selected randomly from the eligible Participants who are existing Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program active contract holders

Winners will be notified by phone or email.

Prizes include:

  • One winner will receive a Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program contract level of their choice, based on the contract’s availability during the 2024 enrollment period
  • The existing Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program active contract holder winner will receive a Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program contract refund, based upon the contract that was previously purchased (Winners will be refunded only up to the amount they have paid into the Program, as determined on the date the Winner accepts the prize)

The Nevada Prepaid Tuition Scholarship awarded account may only be redeemed at eligible educational institutions as defined in the 2024 Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program Description and Master Agreement. For more information on the giveaway, please call (702) 486-2025.

“Prepaid tuition is a fantastic opportunity offered by the state of Nevada. It allows families a chance to lock in college tuition prices and begin saving for their child’s future college education,” said Treasurer Zach Conine.

With the Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program, families can receive a drastic return on their investment by paying today’s rates for tomorrow’s tuition. This program is a qualified 529 plan, meaning families will receive the tax advantages of a 529, while also having the advantage of their child graduating from college debt-free. Families can purchase a contract for children ages newborn through 9th grade. The Nevada Prepaid Tuition program has helped thousands of Nevada families save on college expenses, and is one of only 12 open prepaid programs in the country.

Benefits of the Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program include:

  • Locking in future college tuition at today’s prices
    • According to the Nevada System of Higher Education, the cost per university credit hour has risen from $79 in the 2002-2003 school year to $262.50 in the 2023-2024 school year.
  • Contracts available for credit hours at both two-and four-year Nevada public colleges or universities
  • Nationwide transferability of benefits to eligible out-of-state or private institutions
  • Contract rates as low as $42 per month
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Millennium Scholarship and other scholarships and 529 savings programs
  • Numerous plans and payment options available to fit your budget and timeline
  • Plan options available for newborns to 9th grade

Plan prices vary depending on the child’s needs and the family’s financial situation, as well as the age of the child upon enrollment and the payment plan chosen. Families may invest in the program if either the purchaser or the student is a Nevada resident or the purchaser graduated from a Nevada public college or university regardless of where they or the student currently lives.

Nevada Prepaid Tuition plans are available for purchase during the program’s annual open enrollment period, which runs from November 1, 2023 to April 15, 2024. To enroll or learn more about the Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program, call (702) 486-2025.


The Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program is not guaranteed by the State of Nevada. The Nevada College Savings Plans Board provides fiduciary oversight of the Program.