About the Program

Nevada has a problem: We have one of the highest student loan default rates in the nation. We’ve found a solution: education. We created the Student Loan Ombudsman program to be an educational resource for student loan borrowers related to loan options, their rights as a borrower, and the details of their student loans, all well before they sign on a dotted line. We want as many Nevadans as possible to achieve the higher education they need to reach their goals, but we also want students to understand what it means to be a responsible borrower and have the ability to repay their loans without financial stress.

How it Works

No matter where you are in the student loan process, the Ombudsman can help! Before you take out a loan, the Student Loan Ombudsman can educate you about the best ways you can pay for college. We’ll provide information about all the student loan and financial aid options that might be available to you so you can make the best decision for your future. Once you’ve decided on the right loans, our Student Loan Ombudsman will make sure you understand the details of repayment, so you clearly understand what is expected of you when it’s time to pay back the loan.

Program Information

For more information, contact our Student Loan Ombudsmen at SLO@nevadatreasurer.gov