A:  Regardless if you attend in state or out-of-state, you must submit and Intent to Enroll Form to the  Nevada Prepaid Tuition office in writing 60 days in advance of the start of a semester by submitting the  out-of-state college or university.  After the Program office receives the Intent to Enroll Form, we will contact the institution to make arrangements for payment. 

If attending out-of-state, please contact the higher education institution’s billing office to establish invoicing procedures.  If the school does not have your Nevada Prepaid Tuition (NPT) information when you register, please have the school contact NPT toll-free at 1-888-477-2667.  You are responsible for letting the higher education institution’s billing office know of any arrangements made with NPT and that they should send an invoice to NPT on your behalf. 

NPT will then pay the school directly after receipt of the invoice.  NPT will transfer to the out-of-state school the same amount that would have been paid to a Nevada in-state institution.  In some instances where the out-of-state/ private school charges less than Nevada’s in-state rate per credit hour, the amount transferred may be less.  You are required to pay the school any difference in tuition that exceeds the amount NPT will pay on your behalf.  

There is a $25 one-time higher education institution, (Private or Out-of-State) Processing Fee that will be billed directly to you for the processing of first semester payments to any private or out-of-state school.  If the processing fee is not paid, it may result in delayed payment for the term, and the school may assess late fees or administratively drop you from your classes.  The fee of $25 must be paid each time you transfer to a new private or out-of-state higher education institution.